Get REAL on Much Music!

485089_449163321808577_951057761_nWednesday was a great day for Get REAL in terms of exposure and just in terms of doing something cool! A heads up play  (noticing a call-out from Much Music for ‘ex-bullies’ to share their stories) from friend and supporter Jenny Stranges led to Get REAL’s first appearance on Canada’s music channel Much Music.







Above on the left is Much host Lauren Toyota, who hosted the panel. Above right is fellow panellist Sophia Kiddbeatz, youtube beat boxing sensation, and a regular judge on Much Music. Getting a bit ahead of myself though – the reason why Much Music wanted ‘ex-bullies’ is for a segment they were running on New Music Live on bullying. The segment had celeb messages & performances (Fefe Dobson & Hedley performed during the set) and a panel of ‘experts’ that included Sophia, myself (in my capacity as one of the directors for Get REAL, and because of the success we had running To My Grade 7 Self, half of which was dedicated to former ‘bullies’ sharing their stories), and Gayle Brown, a counselor from Kids Help Phone. Everybody spoke well and Lauren was great at teasing out and leading the right types of questions to get to the right types of answers – like a pro (which she is!).

Screen shot 2013-02-18 at 9.25.17 PM

Basically, it was a lot of fun and great exposure for the organization. The green room was hilarious – tons of characters and people from all over. Make-up was also really funny (embarrassed to admit that I may have introduced myself to the same person twice, once before make-up and once afterwards). Have to give a massive thanks to Jacqueline Peres, the producer who asked me to come in, and Jenny of course, for being the twitter/social media presence she is, and hooking the whole thing up! Dropped off a couple of hats on the Monday of course (for Jacqueline and Lauren) and I we get invited back in 2013! Shoulda brought hats for Fefe Dobson and Hedley……. ah well. Next time.

Me & Kiddbeatz joking around before the cameras come on -- good times

Me & Kiddbeatz joking around before the cameras come on — good times


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