S-Trip! & Get REAL… We think this could be the start of a beautiful friendship…

S-Trip hats off

So the other day something amazing happened. Backtrack a bit. A while back (this is Chris Studer writing this post, ps) myself and a bunch of my friends went down to Cancun with S-Trip! Unbelievable time. And a bunch of us brought our Get REAL hats down there, cause why not?

Cancun Comp Final

The resort was beautiful (Gran Caribe, 5 Star Hotel), the events and the nightlife were dope (because… it’s Cancun), and our STAFF (wink, wink, this is where this story is going) were fantastic. Especially our trip leader, Neil Duffy – great guy. Over the course of the wild and crazy week, he took the time to ask us about the hats we were wearing. We told him about Get REAL, and what we did. Neil and all of the staff thought GR was really cool, and then we all went back to whatever we were doing (having a fun time on the beach) and life and Cancun went on. I think someone may have given Neil a hat to take home… I can’t remember and it’s not really important to this story anyways. When we got back, a bunch of us exchanged facebook contacts, and I kept in touch with Neil. After going into Much Music to drop off hats for the host and the producer, I was walking back along Queen Street and who do I bump into but the one and only Duffy – this time, on the mean streets of T.O. (kidding) instead of out front of Daddyo’s on the Cancun Strip. We got to talking and he said it’d be cool to partner up and do something together, since S-Trip! works with students all the time, and the messages of anti-homophobia, anti-bullying, and general inclusivity are core to their values as a company. I said sure.

S-Trip hat throw

That’s Neil in the center. Thank you for making this happen!

That random stop-and-chat on Queen near John has sparked a great new partnership that we are VERY excited about, as is S-Trip!. These are some pics from the first thing we’ve done together – dropping off some Get REAL hats for their Pink day at the office. But we are very excited about what is to come next. What caring, youthful, and forward thinking company, and what a perfect example of how weird and coincidental (or fateful?) life can be. The funniest part, is that the host and producer from Much Music weren’t even there (I had to go back on another day to give them their hats). Life is strange… and amazing.

s-trip lauren

Lauren Vandervoort (left), who has also been instrumental in making this happen & Matt, who’s just a terrific guy.s-trip samiya

more s-trip

s-trip sandeep


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