Get REAL & S-Trip! announce formal partnership and things get moving!!!

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Exec Director Chris Studer on the roof of S-Trip! the day of the signing. Great day.

We are extremely proud to announce a formal partnership with our sponsor S-Trip! – a young, fresh and dynamic student travel company that truly embodies the values that Get REAL strives for. Their mantras are #bringthefun #gobeyond #makeanimpact #sharethejourney and – of course – #embraceeveryone, and they really do follow through on these and put their money where their mouth is. So what will this partnership entail? Get REAL hats are now a part of the full S-Trip! destination staff uniform; we will be empowering S-Trip! staff to run Get REAL presentations of their own (the first of which has already happened), and we will be working together to bring Pink Day to as many of the students S-Trip! interacts with as possible. We could not be more excited, and we can’t wait to see where this partnerships know.


Shalini Krishnan repping her Get REAL hat down on Destination!


Reggie repping his hat up north on destination in Tremblant!

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Three beauties: Mike, Ruth & JT repping their brand new Get REAL gear!


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