Hi, Let’s Be Friends

Hi! I’m Claire and I am thrilled to introduce myself to the Get REAL community.


That’s me in the picture above with my favourite girl in the world, Wendy. I believe that french fries create happiness and love isn’t determined by anything other than what you feel in your heart. I’m 24 years old and just moved to bone chilling Toronto from snow covered London, Ontario in January to go back to school. Cue Billy Madison song.

So while I struggle to remember basic math and try to secure a summer internship, I will also be updating the Get REAL website.

I want this to be a place where you go for all things related to Get REAL. We will be posting articles, news, and features about people in your community making a difference. Get REAL has launched in over six universities across Canada and each one is doing amazing things to eliminate homophobia and promote love. Let’s share ideas and initiatives to help inspire the entire Get REAL family across the country.

I am super excited to start posting more creative, informative, and relatable content to the Get REAL blog. However, I want this to be an avenue for all Get REAL members to have a voice, so if you have a specific story or event you want featured- let us know!

Forever yours online,


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