Fall 2013 Campus Launches – Western, Guelph, Queens, Mount A, U of T, U of Ottawa. Killing it.




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Get REAL & S-Trip! are officially PARTNERS! Life is good.

That’s what’s up. Get REAL on trips. Get REAL represented by S-Trip! reps. Get REAL represented in all high schools and campuses that have an S-Trip! presence. And the creativity and brainpower of a phenomenal, successful company that is full of young people who truly want to make a difference and change the world.

Could not be happier. This is the start of something special. Special thanks to Neil Duffy (University & College Coordinator); Lauren Vandervoort (Marketing Manager); Jay Hamilton (Marketing Director); Alex Handa (President), and Mike Meehan (Videographer) for his filming! And of course Andrei, Bailey, Val and everyone else for their awesome cameos.

Time to celebrate.

Get REAL Western Wrap Party!

wrap 9On Saturday, the Western Get REAL team celebrated it’s second full year in operation with a fantastic party. Thanks to Director McGuire for hosting the pre! Here’s some photos. Great time had by all, and lots to celebrate.

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Mount Allison, New Brunswick becomes Get REAL’s Second Official Campus Team!

Today is a great day. Because today is the day we blog about Mount Allison becoming our SECOND UNIVERSITY CAMPUS! Unreal.

Maddy Hill and Nina MacEachern have been working with us since the fall, and are officially ready to launch. They are some great peeps and we are so excited that they are bringing this movement out to the East Coast. We can’t wait to see what they come up with! More info to come soon!

Mount Allison President

President Campbell rocking his Get REAL hat!