Thank you for taking the time to apply to start a new Get REAL University Chapter. Get REAL began as the dream of a small group of students and it has grown into a national program. 

We are driven by our dedication to the work. We believe that breaking down prejudice is important. We believe that being visible role models to younger marginalized youth is important. We believe that creating allies is important. We believe that building an organization of integrity, that produces work of the highest calibre is important. 

We built Get REAL from nothing. The success that we've had is due to our collective hard work -- as a team. So we'll be honest: we're looking for people like us. We are looking for people of action. We're looking for people who don't flake out -- they show up. We want people who share our dream and want to expand our vision. We're looking for people who are creative, and quirky, and have big ideas. We are especially looking for people who are kind, honest, and respectful. We cannot in good conscience share our core values of kindnessuniqueness, and support with young students across the country if we are ourselves cliquey, or disparaging, or judgemental, or petty. 

And last but not least, we are looking for people who don't give up when things get tough. We're looking for people who will reach out, ask for help, re-group, come up with solutions, support their teams, and put one foot in front of the other with a positive attitude. 

The success stories of Get REAL -- for chapters and individuals -- are all people who took Get REAL, ran with it, worked hard, and produced work they were proud of and that made a difference in the world; that opened someone's mind to be more accepting, or inspired someone to feel proud to be themselves. So if that sounds like you, please continue filling out this form. We can't wait to hear from you. 


Chris Studer

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